How can I get involved?

[vc_title title=”How Can I Get Involved?” title_align=”text-left” title_tag=”big_head”]

We are seeking volunteers – men and women – from all Schools at the university. Apart from the two-day training provided by Scottish Women’s Aid and White Ribbon Campaign, there are a host of other volunteering opportunities, depending on how much time you have and what you are interested in.

[vc_licon][vc_licon_single licon_des=”Our volunteers are currently working on a social media campaign using twitter and Instagram” licon_class=”fa-users”][vc_licon_single][vc_licon_single licon_des=”You can write about this campaign for the local newspaper/ student magazine” licon_class=”fa-users”][vc_licon_single][vc_licon_single licon_des=”Some volunteers are working on a project to create short video clips” licon_class=”fa-users”][vc_licon_single][vc_licon_single licon_des=”Or maybe there is something that we have not thought of, that you think we could do.” licon_class=”fa-users”][/vc_licon]

Students taking part in this project will be able to utilise time spent on it towards a Lincoln Award or work towards a certificate from the UL’s student union volunteering services. To register your interest, email